The masterpiece of this film is futchan kuriyamiya! It is a beautiful girl of a small hatch which is a small, small, sweet smile! I like eating food and eating favorite things. The charm point is said to be a boobs of boobs, and a concrete place is confirmed by this work! Setting up a photo shoot in Okinawa to make her relax. At first, the hard expression gradually flourishes, and it grows in a short period of time to show a natural adorable smile. The first step to become a star by going through the industry of the first beautiful girl by the UAB that stood in the starting line.
  • Serie:
  • Actress:
  • NO.:REBDB-624
  • Producer:REbecca
  • Label:REbecca
  • Duration:78分
  • Publish:March 17, 2022
  • Hot:4